Professional Art Appraisals.

Insurance appraisal

I have appraised thousands of pieces for insurance appraisals, including for corporate art collections. This is the most competitive segment of the appraisal industry, I offer appraisals starting at $50.

Estate appraisal

I have also done many estate appraisals. They are different: insurance appraisals are based on replacement cost, while estate appraisals are based on fair market value.

Art appraisal for divorce

No minimum or maximum collection size, quick turnaround time. Some appraisers avoid divorces because they can end up in court. I do offer divorce appraisals and am willing to appear in court.

Purchasing or selling art

I can provide market-value advice before you buy, or to help you find the auction house best suited to sell your piece or collection.

About Me

Art Appraisal in Toronto

My name is Stacey Blouin. I am an Art Appraiser with a Ph.D. in Art History, an M.A. in Art History and a B.A. in Anthropology. I have completed the ISA core course in appraisal studies and I specialize in fine art appraisals. I'm based in Toronto but I can appraise fine art from anywhere in Canada, I don't typically need to see it in person.

I studied Western European Art in graduate school and I have many years of professional experience with Canadian Art, Asian Art, Contemporary Art, and European Art.

I've worked for leading museums, universities, and auction industry leaders in both the Canadian and International markets, including Sotheby's, Waddington's, and the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

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Art Appraisal Process


I am based in Toronto, but I am able to appraise art from anywhere in Canada. I have completed the International Society of Appraisers core course, and I do not need to see the painting or object in person to be able to appraise it. The industry had been moving towards appraisals based on images even before the pandemic.

The first step in the appraisal process is always images. If you would like to have your collection appraised, the most straightforward route is to have images taken of each piece (with your phone is fine). Appraisals through images are a standard and accepted practice by the ISA.

If you cannot have images taken I normally will do a house visit to see your items and take images. House visits are billed at $150 per hour of onsite time. However, with the ongoing pandemic, I am not currently doing house visits. An alternative is a Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype call - I can talk you through the process and take images of your pieces through video-chat.

Once I have the necessary information & images, I will research each piece. You will receive a document outlining the value of your piece, written to industry standards, that you can use in court, for fair distribution, estate, or tax purposes.

My current turnaround time is about one-week for appraisals of less than 10 pieces, 2 weeks for appraisals between 10 and 25 pieces. We can discuss on a case by case basis for collections larger than that.

My rates are $200/hr for divorce appraisals, estate appraisals, insurance appraisals or court appearances. I can also provide less detailed fair market value appraisals or consult on purchase or sales decisions, and my rate for these services is $150/hr.

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